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Radu Ionita projects

Our past projects include contract administration of new municipal linear/ vertical industrial construction. 

Radu worked in the Greater Toronto area on occupied and or fully operational job sites that are sometimes quite challening. Radu is flexible and we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase large industrial plans for your upcoming  projects. He is also very versatile also on balancing competing project constraints while managing stakeholder expectations protecting the best interests of the client.


During the course of his career below are some of the municipal projects Radu successfully inspected and administred some of the following projects: 

  ü ABTP Ferrous Chloride and RAS Chlorination Building & Upgrades- $26M- Toronto Water-City of Toronto


ü Ellesmere Pumping Generator Building - $23M – ECS- City of Toronto

ü Humber SPS Pumping Station Upgrades - $1 3M- York Region

ü Bio-Gas Waste Flare Building Vertical Project with Westech Gas Burning Equipment - $2.5M - City of Hamilton

ü Victoria Feedermain Linear Project - $35M - Regional Municipality of Peel

ü Alloa Feedermain Linear Project- $50M- Regional Municipality of Peel

ü Pritchard Road and Mud Street Intersection Improvements City of Hamilton- $800K

ü Sidewalk Replacement Program, City of Hamilton- $900K


ü Bio-Gas Waste Flare Building Vertical 

ü Bio-Solids Handling Facility-Design/Build - $63M - City of Greater Sudbury.

Few of Radu s responsabilities and project management experience are outlined below:

-Provide input durring the preparation of consultant RFP's 

-Negotiate contract terms with internal and external business partners and Regions

-Review and update existing contracts, preparation of the change orders

-Explain terms and conditions to upper  managers and other stakeholders

-Ensure that all project stakeholders understand and comply with the contracts requirements

-Analyzed potential risks involved with specific contract terms and mitigate the same

-Stay up-to date with legislative changes and coordinate with the legal department as needed.

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Working Together


We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality handiwork on each project. 

We also provive a full range of specialty certified civil works site inspections including but not limited to roads, culverts, storm water managment as well as full spectrum building services.   

You can rely on certified experienced individuals with over 10 years of Construction Managmenet hands on experience. 

This include,but not limited to:

  • Knowledge of legal requirements involved with various types of  Construction contracts in Ontario
  • Familiarity with accounting procedures
  • Excellent writing skills, payment  reccomandations
  • Keen attention to detail, with an ability to spot errors
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with varying seniority levels, including staff, site superintendents from different cultures, managers and external regulatory agencies.



· Budget Planning: Managed a budget of over $63M for new construction, encompassing all aspects of the project life-cycle (human resources, materials, contracts, equipment).

· Cost-Effectiveness & Efficiency: Optimized the use of budget and human resources to maximize the sustainable progress of project activity, manage costs, change orders and minimize cost footprint. Held a track record for achieving project goals within established budgets by exploring practical opportunities to streamline resource usage.

With an understanding that construction project success requires firm support from all stakeholders,Radu has developed a unique ability to strengthen both public and stakeholder engagement. He is done this in part by prioritizing direct communication with contractors, consultants and members of the public as an on-site representative and remaining thoroughly involved in all activities during the lifecycle of a project

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Why Choose Us?

Radu Ionita Sudbury Ontario

Successful Contract Administrators  demonstrating a strong attention to detail along with the ability to discover potential risks for your projects. We also analyze contracts with an eye toward reducing costs and increasing profits, while ensuring compliance with the specification and the applicable laws. 

We have worked with various clients around  Ontario and with the  designers to delier quality inspections and contract administration work to the highest industry standards. 

Call us today to bring our project management and contract administration skills along with the extensive construction experience to your next project. 

· Engineering Project Management: Spearheaded critical elements of multi-million-dollar engineering projects under design-build or CCDC2-2008 Stipulated Price Contracts with a consistent mandate to ensure and report on the quality and integrity of all deliverables toward clients including private companies, public institutions, and various municipalities.

· Site Inspection & Contracts Administration: 

Provided on-site oversight of project-wide compliance with the strict terms of established contracts, ensuring due diligence and compliance across all plans, specifications, regulatory, legislative and environmental requirements during construction. Mitigated issues that could result in construction claims. Develop and issue key documents including RFI replies, RFQs, Site Instructions, and Change Directives.

· Public & Stakeholder Engagement: 

Directly engaged contractors, consultants and the public as an on-site representative throughout the project life-cycle, with involvement in documenting all activities during water, wastewater, linear and discrete construction contracts. 

Risk Management: 

Reviewed project plans and specifications, providing insight and comments on building design, scheduling, possible cost savings measures, and potential construction problems. Managed weekly reviews and comments of the project schedules mitigating construction schedule delays 

Fully insured and bonded licenced industry professionals.

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About Us

Industrial Inspections & Contract Administration

Quality Services of Construction Project Management by Radu Ionita, PMP, C.E.T. ,rcji

Qualtity Management Plans

Quality control can mean many things to a client. Therefore, the first step is to find out what your client is looking for. Sometimes this will appear as a specification or as a mention in one of the contract documents.

Other times the client will just say they need a quality control plan and leave you figure out what they want.  Nonetheless, it’s definitely worthwhile having a conversation so you get a better understanding of what they have in mind or at least that they feel comfortable with the given suggestions.

There are 8 essential elements of a Project Specific Construction Quality Control Plan as follows:

1. Project Personnel

2. Quality Communication;

3 .Quality Assurance Survelillance

4. Subcontractor & Suppliers

5. Project Quality Specifications

6. Inspection and test plans

7. Control of non conformances

8. Project Completion Inspections

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Over 18 years of experience in construction management with a focus on the best interest of the client Radu has always been among the top candidates when it comes to construction project management. From residential housing to various retirement communities Radu is one of the best in the industry. Technology professionals like Radu are uniquely positioned to shape the future. A critical part of today s (and tomorrow's) engineering team, engineering technicians and technologists have significant impact on our every day lives. Its not just the process of designing, inspecting and testing the pipes that go into the ground - it's protecting the public by ensuring the clean potable water and sanitation.

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Radu Ionita

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